We are a 20-man Mythic raiding guild who strive to be the best in the ever constant battle of raid progression! We perform at the high end level and expect our raiders to do so as well in order for us to down Heroic content! But let's not forget our ever constant mission. To always uphold HONOR and GLORY...                                                  

                                                    FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!

On a side note:

We do care about our members dearly and we never forget, it's through their skill and determination that our raiding, and more importantly, our GUILD is possible. We're not all about raiding either; we like to do things like transmog runs, PVP, etc with our non-raiding members. But we aren't always on the go! Sometimes, we just like to take a break and hang out with our other guildmates. So if you're interested, post an application! Don't be shy! Not ALL of our endeavors are dark.

About Our Raids

If you have any questions regarding our raids, loot rules, etc. Please read our forums, they will answer all of your questions.